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The Rock Splits From Wife! Pro Wrester - Turned - Actor Married For 10 Years
Created: Wednesday, 06 June 2007 23:25
LOS ANGELES-- The 35-year-old pro wrestler-turned action star announced the separation from wife Dany Garcia Johnson in a statement to People Magazine. The Rock said that he and his wife will "continue to advance and manage our business interests, our philanthropic efforts and most importantly the raising of our child together."
Attorney Who Got Paris Hilton Jailed Sorry for Keeping Quiet About Wife's Car Accident
Created: Tuesday, 19 June 2007 22:27
LOS ANGELES —  The city's top prosecutor's office got Paris Hilton jailed for violating probation by driving with a suspended license and then condemned her early release.On Monday, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo was the one apologizing for keeping quiet about a 2004 accident in which his wife crashed his city-issued vehicle -- while driving on a suspended license.
Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Get Married at Paris City Hall!
Created: Friday, 06 July 2007 23:46
MAINCY, France —  Stretch limo for her; minivan for him -- and a romantic Paris wedding for both.

  Professional basketball star Tony Parker married "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria at a civil ceremony in Paris on Friday -- a prelude to their expected star-studded weekend wedding bash at a lavish and storied chateau.

Rumor Has It... Britney Spears Serves Papers to Her Mother to Keep Her Away From Kids!
Created: Sunday, 01 July 2007 22:56
New pictures show Britney Spears on Thursday handing her mother documents that reportedly warn her away from the pop tart's kids, and then striding away, leaving her mother staring after her in shock. Britney had tracked down her mom with the help of the paparazzi who are never far from her side. 
Powerful 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake In Peru kills hundreds!
Created: Thursday, 16 August 2007 02:07

CHINCHA, Peru (Reuters) - Powerful aftershocks shook Peru on Thursday as rescuers pulled wounded and dead from collapsed homes and churches a day after a massive earthquake killed hundreds of people.  Hospitals were overwhelmed with injured in the cities of Chincha and Pisco on the Pacific coast, and dead bodies were gathered on street corners in Pisco.


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