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Waste Matters   

By: Jamie A. Murphy                                         & nnbsp; & nbsp;                                     

I've never felt it necessary to discuss this topic. Until now. This biological waste production is physical evidence of what in our diet's need to be changed! I found that this matter would serve as a vital entity to my nutrition plan and even save the world! (see part II). So grin and bear with me, I'll try to be as conventional as possible. I feel that it's my duty to share this with you! I believe you too have something to gain from those ‘something's' we lose.

While freshening up in my girlfriends restroom, a little brown book by Josh Richman and Anish Sheth, M.D., titled ‘What's Your Poo Telling You?' sparked question that I could be overlooking a very purposeful nbodily function! The Author's run down was shrewd, yet it's ‘humorous' interpretation wasn't my cup of tea. Soon flipping through You Are What You Eat, I was confident that (author) Dr. Gillian McKeith had conservatively covered this topic. What I learned will turn your stomach! Her breakdown and my field study should translate what your poo is telling you:

   CLASSIFICATION                                      FIX                                                         FOODS

1. "WILLIAM", those that ‘Bob' and are hard to flush probably mean that you overate yesterday. Gas and fat make William float and shows an imbalance in your liver.

-Linseeds may serve as a solution. Sprinkle onto soups and salads daily.

-Manually prompt the detoxification process of your liver by rubbing it'd region while lying supine,

(see foot notes for further instruction)

-3 cups of herbal Sage tea daily

-1 tablespoon spiraling daily

-L-Glutamine powder prior to eating

-Triphala to cleanse out liver

FOODS THAT NOURISH YOUR LIVER: Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, kohlrabi, turnip root, eggs, nuts and nseeds ( especially flax, sunflower and pumpkin). *unsalted!

2. "PEPE LE PEW", those that have an abnormally frightful smell say that food is festering in your large intestine! The smell is a warning sign that you're toxic and that your gut is too acidic. Digestive enzymes will enable your body to release those toxins and release the nose plug!

-digestive enzyme capsule with every meal

-liquid chlorophyll (1 tablespoon before meals)

-100mg Coenzyme Q10 daily

-juice your own juice! (the time it takes is worth it)


3. "6TH AND MAIN " If ‘skid row' is looking back at you from your bowl your diet is lacking good nquality fiber. Too much mucus is a sign that you need to UP your consumption of foods high in food enzymes. Alcohol and dairy are mucus producing foods that you should start limiting immediately!

-wild blue-green algae capsules


4. "BUGGS" bunny like droppings illustrate congestion in your liver. Blockage in your intestines due to lack of nutrients makes for unfinished business;(

-2 capsules Milk Thistle (3 times daily/1 mo.)

-500 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid (once daily/1 mo.)

-Psyillium (or Triphala) Powder mixed with water

-1 tablespoon Liquid Chlorophyll before meals

-2 tablespoons Lecithin Granules (on cereals or salads;)

& nnbsp;

5. "NIGHT LIGHT" Lightly colored stools imply poor digestion of fatty foods. You are probably lacking ‘good fats' in your diet. Essential Fatty Acids are vital to your mission as they help to metabolize fat!

-1 table spoon flax seeds over salads and soups

FOODS THAT HELP METABOLIZE FAT: fish, avocado, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sea veggies (such as nori).

6."TRACER" one reason you may see traces of your last meal is that you aren't chewing enough to break up the food! It also can signify that your last meal was low in soluble fiber. When you eat a meal that is too low in soluble fiber, it causes your nfood to pass through your GI tract largely unchanged. If you believe to be consuming enough soluble fiber, you may want to consider a colon irrigation.

TRY THIS! Self Evaluate your Rate

Our bodies lack enzymes needed to digest certain components of plant cell walls, good examples of these are that of which are found in corn. Eat 1 cup 100% corn and record the time at which the kernels enter your mouth. If 6 hours pass with no trace, your digestion is not as competent as it should be.

-1 tablespoon Aloe Vera Juice before meals

-digestive enzyme supplement with all meals


7. "RACER", not to be confused with a single flu induced stint, is when you're runny all the time. (I'm sorry if I'm getting nawkwardly descriptive, the thesaurus suggestions are worse). Your spleen function is fatigued and is preventing the transition of iron (recycled from deteriorating red blood cells) back into your blood. You most likely have white teeth marks around the sides of your mouth and/or suffer from constant gas and bloating, as these are other physical signs of spleen deficiency.

SPLEEN NOURISHING FOODS, HERBS, SPICES: aduka beans, yellow squash, mung beans, kidney beans, alfalfa, lychees, barley, millet, beeroot, oats, carrots, parsley, celery, parsnips, chicken, pumpkin, fennel, root vegetables, fish, sweet potatoes, turnips, yams. (herbs/spices; garlic, black pepper, ginger, cayenne pepper, ginseng, cinnamon, horseradish, dill seed, pau d'arco, astragalus

-limit Raw veggies

-raw oats and spelt for breakfast

-acidophilus supplements

- warm foods and herbal teas

-grate ginger on salad and soups


What Should It Look Like?

I can infer that ‘happy pooh' is that of which resembles none of the traits listed above. That being said, let's re-cap!



- leave remnants in the bowl

-contain any visible food (unless its corn or another veggie with thick cell walls)

-smell abnormally foul

-appear yellow or light beige

-look like rabbit pellets or vomit


-be compressed in it's consistency/compact

-easily flush all evidence

-be dark to med. Light brown

-release with moderate attempt

...(forced bowel movements are the 2nd leading cause of hemorrhoids! 1st? Weighted squats!


FOODS THAT PUSH: (If you're having trouble still, try eating nthese) : Sweet potato, sweet carrots, sweet peppers, avocado and sweet corn!

...POSTURE is always something to be conscious of, especially during exercise. Even these small contractions should be done with proper form! (Sit straight up, elongating your neck to point the crown of your head towards the ceiling. Chest is open with shoulders slightly rolled back and your feet should be positioned on the ground with toes and knees pointing forward.) This not only corrects your posture, it makes for a good and clean exit!

Phew! Was it that bad? If you're at peace with all of this I urge you to stay tuned for What Matters Part II. Our bodies were created to perform this duty as a method of recycling inside. What we no longer need, we shed. Is it possible that we were given this innate ability not only to purify our bodies but our planet? My study shows that if the White House was as in touch with their own waste as we now are of ours, nshit would hit the fan!

Jamie Alexandra Murphy, CFT

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Something to work on: ‘Bum Balance'

First, see if you can use your bum as your only base of support. Heels hover over the ground and arms are stretched out to either side for a lengthening stretch and balance mechanism.

If this is a struggle, don't be discouraged! You're a perfect candidate to start improving now! Keep at it, in no time you'll be sitting pretty ;)

Next, test your abilities! Slowly lower both extremities of your body equally. Lean back and straighten your legs slightly. I like to use these first two positions as a crunch like exercise. Start at bum balance 1, then transition into 2 and repeat! Introduced to me back in my gymnast days...my coach had me do 3 sets of 50 daily!

I thought I'd created a new yoga pose with this one until I saw it in a book and realized that Joseph Pilates beat me to it! After perfecting your beginners bum balance, your core strength will improve ;) Raise the bar, and raise your legs into a full Forward Fold position!


Veterans, try this. Grasping the inner arch's of your feet, extend all limbs and breathe deep!

We want to see your bum balance! Practice with a friend and snap action shots, you may just see them posted next month ;) (link...)


Coloring Outside The Lines

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The Secret to Breaking Your Plateau…

 Written By: Jamie Alexandra Murphy

Through my studies as a fitness professional I have learned that a single universally practiced exercise is the elusive missing link to achieving your fitness goals.

It was *Joyce that introduced me to the missing link I’d been searching for to break her ’hate cardio’ mind set and last 7 lbs. I had her on a strict strength training regimen boot ncamp style thrice weekly, and imposed small changes to her diet. Light walking was the extent of her cardio homework as former injuries and a hate for machines prevented effective and safe options.  We went from a size 16 to a 10 in 27 days. After that no changes were seen for almost two weeks. We were both perplexed by the cause of this plateau. I then suggested we start her on a body bugg program. (www.bodybogg.com) A body bugg is a high tech device that straps to your arm and accurately records your bodies caloric burn minute by minute. A USB port sends info to easy to read graphs on the computer. I decided that I’d figure out which routine like activities were working her the most and at what points in the day I could add mini-workouts (I.e. take the stairs, park further, etc.). during our first monitoring session I was carefully reading through the charts when I saw a small block of time that revealed Joyce to be burning more calories than anything else. I asked what the heck she was doing at 2am last night when her blushing face left me awkwardly excited to assign her what would kick the last 7lbs. 

‘The horizontal mambo.’ or ’coloring’ as referred to by Carrie Bradshaw. Take her advice and mine, color outside the lines!

Newsweek published a report on the health benefits of sex, one being that it burns a little over four calories per minute. This is the average, so kick up the enthusiasm and kick up the calorie burn! *Joyce burned 9 per minute! Here are a list of ways to get the most health benefit out of your late night workout:

  1. This is one instance I’ll suggest indulging in the appetizers. Surely your heart rate will be steadily rising and this makes for a good ‘warm-up’. Plus, studies show that when you take your time you’re more likely to make it last longer…equals more calories output.
  2. Speaking of output, exhale. Like yoga, sex is a series of poses and contractions. Deep, heavy breathing will nenhance your positions and even improve your core!
  3. Here’s one more reason to eat healthy! Lite balanced meals throughout the day will leave you excited for desert ;) if you know something makes you fell crappy and lethargic, don’t eat it!
  4. Two a days. You know what I mean. Talk about endurance training.
  5. Green tea-it’s like a magic potion of anti-oxidants that should be recommended under any circumstance!

Besides a great cardio session, this pre-historic exercise is good for your health too!

  1. FIGHT COLD AND FLU. Airborne addict? This is even better to help improve your immune system. Inter-course raises the body's level of the immune-boosting antibody immunoglobin A by a third!
  2.  FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. In a study at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, a panel of judges viewed participants through a one-way mirror and guessed their ages. Those who looked seven to 12 years younger than their age (labeled " superyoung" ) were also enjoying lots of sex—four times a week, on average. OK, maybe they were having so much fun because they looked young. But it's likely the sex was helping, researchers say. One reason is that it raises a woman's estrogen level, which helps make hair shiny and skin supple.
  3. MIGRAINES? For a woman a migraine might actually be a reason for making love rather than avoiding intercourse: the increase in endorphins and corticosteroids during arousal and orgasm is analgesic. 
  4. IT PROMOTES REGULAR MENSTRUAL CYCLES. A series of studies by behavioral endocrinologist Winnifred Cutler and colleagues at Columbia and Stanford universities found that women who have intercourse at least weekly (except during their period) cycle more regularly than abstainers or the sporadically active. (Related research found that lesbian lovemaking also smoothes out menstrual cycles.) Cutler argues that intimacy is essential, not orgasms: "Regular exposure to a loving npartner has extraordinary effects on health and well-being."
  5. IT CAN PREVENT ACCIDENTS. Women use the muscles of the pelvic floor to stem the flow of urine. As they age, they need to keep these strong to avoid peeing accidentally. The same muscles are exercised during intercourse, and as with all muscle-building programs, the benefits require consistency.  (health benefits gathered from newsweek.com)

Remember, that sex is good for adults. And, as always, safety first! Single? nPartner Yoga is a good alternative for this stimulating exercise. Stay tuned, as The Basics (Partner Yoga) coming soon!

PEACE! Love You ;)

Thank You for reading! Please feel free to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Written By: Jamie Alexandra Murphy

Angelinos flock to the cities ‘natural gyms' to enjoy outdoor exercise. Runyon Canyon, Santa Monica Blvd's bike path and Roxbury Park are a few personal favorites ;) Read on to learn the perfect skin care regimen before your next excursion.


Which SPF should you be using?

How important is it to know your skin type?

Why your sports wear may be the cause of your acne!

How chlorine is related to pre-mature aging!

...and which products work the best

PLUS! A fun tip 'quick fix' for your next event that involves serene wrap!





Did you know that our skin has approximately 650 sweat glands per square inch (and 100 oil glands)?! When you exercise, you sweat. (if you're working hard enough) When you sweat, you excrete toxins from the body. And when your pores are open, they're more apt to absorb the suns harmful rays. I sat with Bliss Spa Skin Care therapist Holly Waite to uncover the skin care commandments for outdoor exercise.


SPF. What should we be using?


Oil-free and waterproof SPF sunscreen is ideal [for an active individual]. A SPF 15-45 is your best bet when purchasing. Remember, the difference between SPF's is not strength it's duration.

(see Q #6 for product suggestion)




Routinely, we should cleanse morning and night. What if our workout is mid-day? Should we cleanse before?


You don't want to cleanse too much! This leads to dehydration. Before your workout, you should apply toner to a wet cotton pad to remove makeup/dirt from skin. After workout, do your normal cleanse to remove the sweat and toxins our skin excretes during exercise. You've just let go of tons of toxins that are now just hanging out on your face. Wash it off!





This means cleansing up to 3 times in one day for some people! Should these individuals switch to a gentler wash?


It really depends on your type. This is where skin care gets really personal. Whether your skin is sensitive, oily, acneic or dry will determine your best choice. See an esthetician for a consultation if in question. Knowing your skin type is very important for the perfect regimen.

(see Q#6 for product suggestions)




What is your advice for those prone to breakouts from sweat/exercise?


More times than not breakouts that occur [due to sweat/exercise] are caused by the type of clothing overlying the area of concern. Tight clothes slow our bodies natural exfoliation process. Spandex trap the released toxins [between your bum and the material] and penetrates them back into the skin! Same for ‘b-acne', That area of your shirt is usually the tightest, as your shoulders and back support the garment. Little breathing room= lots of chance for breakout!

(see Q#6 for product suggestion)





What about swimmers subject to high levels of chlorine?


Swimmers should be using a deep moisturizer daily as pool chemicals will leave skin dehydrated, which in turn may lead to pre-mature aging. A toner is equally important as this drying chemical alters our skins levels of PH balance. Again, choice of product depends on your type.

(see Q#6 for product suggestion)



Okay, talk product with me:

Oil-free, waterproof SPF?


SkinCeuticals Sport SPF 45 $35.00



Pre workout Toner?


For sensitive skin: Daily Detoxifying Toner $26.00

bliss daily detoxifying facial toner

For acneic skin: Steep Clean Toning Pads $36.00


Heavy duty body scrub?


Hot Salt Scrub by Bliss! Too abrasive for your face but perfect for daily use on your body



Deep moisturizer?


Its very important that you choose based on your skin type. blissworld.com to browse



Other fun products?


Fat Girl Slim $29.00

This product is fabulous for those areas with ‘cellulite‘! It stimulates lymph flow and will diminish those annoying fat pockets.

bliss fatgirlslim


Love Handler $36.00

Amazing for the abdominal area and for the ‘ pesky spare tire'! It has caffeine that will remove the excess water from the body.

FUT TIP: apply on desired area and rub for 20-30 seconds. Then, serene wrap the area for an even deeper detox effect. Next, simply hit the treadmill!

Note, this is removing water that is stored. Not fat. So, please don't confuse this with ‘losing fat'. Water is not fat! Use this as a ‘quick fix' for an event or beach date!


Holly is a licensed esthetician at the W Hotel Los Angeles Bliss Spa and is available for skin treatments by appointment only on Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays. I visit as religiously as I live by her skin care commandments. See you at the canyon!

Thank You for reading! Please feel free to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PEACE! Love You ;)




Fit Psych ?'s (New Client) body by JAM

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Below are a few questions for you to answer that will help me create a plan for you. Please be as specific as possible and answer honestly.  Copy and paste my questions in your reply and add in your answers.
These answers are for my records only and are vital to your progress;

1. Please list 3 goals (in order of importance to you)

2. Please list 3 parts of your body that you'd like to improve.

3. When were you in the best shape of your life? (include age, what
you were doing to be in the best shape and a brief description of your
spirit/mentality during this period.)

4. Why do you want to change?

5.What motivates you?

6. What discourages you?

7. Briefly describe your typical day; wake up time to bed time.

8. What is your height/weight/age?

9. What part of your body would you like to show off more with the
clothes that you wear?

10. Are you sexually active?

11. How many hours do you sleep?

12. Coffee drinker?

13. Alcohol? Smoker? Recreational drugs?

14. Do you have regular/daily bowel movements?

15. Do you live with anyone? if so, what is the relation?

16. What types of exercises do you like the most?

17. What types of exercises do you dislike the most?

18. What types of exercise do you feel give you the best result? (if known)

19. What types of exercises feel nearly effortless and have little
effect on you? (if any?)

20. What time of day/days of the week would you like to schedule sessions?

Thank you in advance for your time. This is for your benefit! Ill
speak with you soon!


Please send your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


xoxo JAM


jamie MURPHY'S LAW of Diet & Fitness

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1) If there is one cookie in a kitchen stalked full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains - you will eat that one cookie if stressed or in a hurry.

Break the Law: Think ahead. Put together custom snack packs that you know you will enjoy if caught in a rush or in the grasp of a naughty snack-attack. Be creative. A handful of dark chocolate-chips packs a load of antioxidants not found in any other food source. Twenty-two almonds have 169 calories and will satiate you until meal time. The options are endless. Do your research and find out what works for you. The key to not breaking that diet is a sandwich baggie away.

2) If you think it is just as impossible to loose three pounds as it is to loose thirty - it is.

Break the Law: Thoughts are powerful. Visualize yourself and how you will feel as a healthier, happier you. Even the most mundane of tasks are enjoyable if you like yourself nwhile you are doing them. Roadblocks will arise and how you get over them is determined by nothing else than your state of mind and your willpower. Set small goals and do not stop until you accomplish them. The elation you feel after loosing three pounds rivals the bliss you'll feel after loosing thirty, but don't take my word for it... see for yourself.

3) There is always a fool-proof ‘drop the pounds quick' method that will not work.

Break the Law: Develop a plan with your trainer that you are willing to commit to. Then do the work. Sitting around dreaming about those 6-pack abs will do about just as much good as that miracle pill or that vibrating fat-dissolving belt.

4) If you want something bad enough chances are you won't get it.

Break the Law: Wanting does nothing. Take action. DO THE WORK.

5) Anything that might happen to deter you from your diet or fitness goal will nhappen.

Break the Law: Get over it! Move on! Tomorrow is a new day and you are only human. The ideal result of you missing a sweat session or eating the whole cake instead of just a slice is that you will realize the world didn't end, you didn't gain a pound and you are now even more motivated to kick ass tomorrow. Keep going - it might not get easier but it certainly won't get harder.

6) The light at the end of the tunnel is, in fact, the refrigerator light.

Close the door fatty.

7) Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Break the Law: Pace yourself. Don't over do it. After all, it's the journey not the destination. Get adequate rest between workouts, break a physical fitness challenge down if it proves too much at first, and above all else: listen to your body.

8) It takes forever to learn the rules and once you learn them they change.

Break the Law: When you hit a physical (weight-loss) plateau (which you will) do something that scares you. Are you an elliptical junkie? Take that group ‘cardio hip-hop' class at your gym and see the scale move again! Sometimes what's even more challenging to your waistline is the dreaded mental plateau! Instead of remodeling your weight regimen, drop the weights and take up power yoga for a few months instead. Your body is the one thing in your life you have absolute control over - if its not changing, you have to.

9) you will inevitably find the ultimate weight-loss secret in the last place you look.

Break the Law: There is a reason why you started counting calories or writing daily in your food log. There is a reason why you renewed that gyms pass or are investing your hard-earned cash in a personal trainer. While its easy to tell yourself the reason behind these actions are simply to ensure that this year you'll look great in a bathing suit, the truth is much bigger than that. You see, somewhere inside of you, you understand that you deserve a great life and amazing body. Love yourself enough to be your own cheerleader. You D-E-S-E-R-V-E it!

10) Murphy's Golden Fitness Rule: Whoever is the most fit makes the rules.

Make the Law: Become your very own fitness and nutrition expert. I encourage you to read, discuss, and try all things fitness or nutrition related. The only way to truly be empowered is through education. Don't take my word for it (or any other fitness guru for that matter), take your own! Through challenging each other we can expand our minds and hopefully stumble upon the next evolution of healthful living together. ‘Body By JAM' hopes to spark a general interest in health, fitness, and wellness and to breed a community of thoughtful, passionate, and educated people with one common goal: To be happy and healthy on our own and as one. It's time to evolve. Join the JAM/


The Key is Baby Steps By: JAM

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The Children's Cancer and Blood Foundation is lead by people who are passionate about helping kids with cancer and blood disorders. Their work shows npromise in finding a cure for these diseases which remain the leading cause of death to our country's youth.  In the past 10 years there has been an 80% rise in the five-year survival rate for pediatric cancer patients, thanks in large part to CCBF.

As the largest charitable organization of it's kind, CCBF looks forward to being at the forefront of putting an end to this horrible reality. Through awareness, this army will grow; get informed and spread the word!

I was introduced to this mission by my agent and friend, Topher DesPres. He rallied a team of Wilhelmina agents, fitness models and friends to represent CCBF at the Color Run in New York City this last weekend.

Pictured below is our team sporting the CCBF t-shirts that helped raise money and awareness for the organization. Learn how you can help by visiting www.childrenscbf.org

 Before "The Happiest 5k on the Planet"...







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