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New to the Gym scene? Try this, lose 10lbs by: JAM

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A family member asked me to help her out with her latest endeavor.  She is a new mother, new to the gym and a busy woman who is motivated to lose the baby weight. She loves carbs, is married to an italian man who loves his wife's dinners and actually doesn't mind the treadmill. She has commited to 4 days/ week at her new gym...but she doesn't know what to do! Relate to ANY of this? Read on to get motivated, informed and started on your 5 WEEK PLAN. 

 You joined the gym, you decided it’s time to feel GREAT...now it’s time to WORK! The main goal is to stay motivated, right?? You know this. When nyou stay motivated, you will see results. CONSISTENCY is the key, but we will start with a 5 week block of time. 35 days. You now weigh 140 by July 20th...you’ll weigh 130...IF!!!!!!!!!!!! You STICK TO your plan. Bottom line, you know your body better than me, better than anyone. YOU know what you should and should not do in order to attain your goals. I will guide you and give you this plan and be here for any questions/ nbreakdowns/ anything at all that you need in this journey, but at the end of the day...YOU know what you have to do. It’s just a matter of making those things a priority EVERY DAY and staying motivated (which I think you are...so you just have to keep it that way). Don& nrsquo;t let anyone or anything get in your way; not your husband, not your friend that you signed up to the gym with (if she suddenly doesn’t have the drive), not work deadlines, not ANYTHING. You are a strong woman, I know that about you, it’s very obvious...use that to get what you want in this case!

It will be easy to make excuses to steer away from your goal. Don’t let your mind play games with you...YES you are a mother and YES you are a wife and YES you are a successful businesswoman..BUT all of these nthings will be even more gratifying once you FEEL GREAT about yourself.

To see results and stay motivated you have to eat healthy to back up this plan that I’ve made specifically for you. You’re going to do a lot of work in that gym and it will be 100% worth it if you pair it with “clean eating”.

It sounds like carbs are the culprit here. Let’s start with this rule; if you have ½ a bagel for breakfast...you won’t have a sandwich at lunch, you’ll have a salad instead. (you may already do this, just enforcing the rule:) Honestly bagels suck, I had a bout of time that I was heavier than ever and it was due to a “bagel craze”, I swear...it’s just too nmany carbs for a little girl like you.

My suggestions would be oatmeal, put 8-12 raw (unsalted) almonds in there (the protein from the nuts will help you stay fuller longer, and the oats are a much better source of carbs in terms of your waistline AND overall health)...sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon OR cocoa powder (that’s what I do..) OR a bit of maple syrup. This will seem boring at first but give it 3 days, you’ll learn to appreciate it because you’ll notice a change already when you cut out your normal breakfast (bagel, cereal, muffin).

Between breakfast and lunch you need a fruit serving; a banana is great or an apple or berries...whatever you prefer, and ideally something different each day (to ensure a vast range of nutrients).

Dinners sound good just make small changes where possible like using not as much salt or butter, instead use flax seed oil...or sweet potatoes every now and then (instead of regular potatoes)...be careful about hidden salt and sugars like in pickles, premade anything, etc...every little thing counts when you are trying to reach a goal.

In between lunch and dinner you need veggies; carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, ANY fresh vegetable. This will help your metabolism A LOT and add daily nutrients nthat you need to live the best life you can! (I know I sound cheesy but it’s TRUE!! no pun intended, bc cheese is bad too:p )

I hate to tell someone not to do something but you can’t have chips if you want to lose this weight. I know it’s hard in your house bc your man is the chip KING but you have to be strong here. Popcorn is great, just make sure it’s low in salt/ butter (again this may seem boring at first but after 3 days you will appreciate it, I SWEAR!!)
-Smart Balance, light butter
-Newman’s Own Organic’s popcorn, light butter
-Smart pop 94% fat free

...those are the 3 you’re allowed.

Also, wear workout clothes/ shoes to work if you can. This will be a constant reminder that you are putting this “healthy body” thing at the top of your priority list. It will encourage you to move around more, walk more places...also to not forget that you are working so hard when there are tempting office foods around or if Sally brings in something that “you HAVE to try”. Say no to temptations anywhere, they will sneak up on you... especially the gas station, the pharmacy, etc. STAY MOTIVATED. YOU WANT THIS. WHAT WILL YOU DO BY JULY 20TH??

YOU WILL EAT CLEAN AND WORK HARD! My plan for you is for fat loss along with exercises that will not only help you lose fat but to stay strong for motherhood. I.e., you constantly bend over, carry weight (baby) in front of you, carry him on one side of you...all of which are giving your body imbalances. You may feel stronger from this or you may already feel the imbalances. It’s nothing a little self training won’t fix. SO, stick to this plan for the NEXT 5 WEEKS. (I want you to set your goal at losing these 10lbs , then we’ll change the plan).

#1    30 Miles/week. I don’t care how you get these in, (preferably not all in one or two days obviously!) Could be 6 miles, 6 days / week...break it up before and after the workout plan (below), anything to keep this goal. You can add a couple miles if you want to walk the baby around the neighborhood in the stroller...download “mapmyrun” app (map my run), it’s great and will track what you do all day. I know that you are a numbers person, just make sure that for the next 5 weeks you get in 30 miles/ week. ROCKSTAR!

#2    Strength Training: (The following exercises should be performed in a “circuit”, one after the other 4 times through!! It should take you 30-45 minutes) Whatever you need to do to make sure that you can give this time to yourself- DO IT, talk to your family, talk to daycare, etc...

- A) Superman (this will help all imbalances that motherhood is creating for you, and will (overtime) give you soooooo much benefit, trust me!! This exercise alone will make you an even better mother!

Lay your towel down on the matted area and hold “superman” for 30 seconds (IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE ABLE, GO UP TO 45 SECONDS)

- B)

BRIDGE, hold this for 60 seconds. JUST DO IT> count in your head or watch the clock. Have your friend do all this with you. (to avoid looking like a porno video alone, but really this is very good for many parts of your body so no one will think you’re slutty unless they don’t know anything about working out...and who the f cares what ppl think anyways?!?

- C)

I call this “chicken” (like a chicken leg popping out) or “fire hydrant” “(like a dog peeing on a nfire hydrant)...it’s a great exercise, my favorite actually. Don’t feel dumb when you do it, DO IT 30 times on each side and FEEL THE BURN!!!) Let me know if you need me to make a quick video for this, I want you to get the most out of this!!
- D)

“Opposite arm, Opposite leg”- slowly raise your opposite arm and leg out in front/ behind (as pictured for one split second, stretching as far as you can, maintaining balance (you’ll feel this work your stomach)...and slowly switch. Repeat 24 times (12 on each side). AGAIN, if you feel you need help with form just call me and I’ll make a quick video, no prob at all...I want you to do this right. (email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., THEN I’ll send you my number so we can chat. I’m here to help.)

- E) Seated Row -
Put the weight at 20 lbs (if you need help ask a trainer there, this is what they are being paid to be there for!!) Do 20 reps, Then relax. These exercises are ALL that you need (now. )

That is your circuit. I want you to repeat it FOUR times!!  Exercises A-E ...FOUR TIMES. (AFTER, BEFORE or in the MIDDLE OF your miles for that day.)

Again I don’t care when  or how you get those 30 miles in, just get them in every week, every 7 days!!!

I’d Actually prefer if you send me a photo of you now and then again in 2 weeks, then again in 4, then again in 5...it will help you stay motivated and I think you realize that I actually care this isn’t just something I do for fun. I want to help you and I want to see you change for the better, so SHOW ME!!! I’m excited to see what you can do by JULY 20th. MARK YOUR CALENDAR      (I AM TOO!)  Do whatever else you think you need to do. And please, let me know what else I can do to help, obviously I am here for nyou to help explain these exercises more...change something if it just doesn’t feel right, etc. LOVE you... Let  Me  Know  how day 1 goes!!!


****For more personal assistance please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.***

You Can start by filling out the FIT PSYCH FORM which I will email you promptly when requested. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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