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body by JAM sessions at SKY Sport Los Angeles (medical insurance accepted!)_______________________________________________________


Sport & Spa (Sky Sport) is the Nation's premiere private gym and sports medicine facility. Founded in 2002 by world-renowned fitness expert, television star Jackie Warner, Sky Sport's unique total approach to health and wellness offers consumers the ultimate gym experience.

In conceiving of Sky Sport, Jackie Warner has successfully created a full-service health center that caters to every athletic need and employs a complete approach to fitness. A one stop fitness shop, patrons can take advantage of the most cutting edge exercise technology, treat with top-notch onsite doctors and physical therapists, obtain one on one nutritional counseling, nreceive customized workout instruction, and/or participate in one of Sky Sport's numerous exercise and boot camp classes.

A visually stunning oasis, Sky Sport is located in a Penthouse in the heart of Beverly Hills. Made famous by Jackie Warner's hit television show, (Workout), the one of a kind indoor/outdoor glass 'gym in the sky' boasts dramatic 360-degree views of Southern California. Morning risers regularly work out to breathtaking zen views of the sunrise and night denizens literally exercise under the stars. Shying away from the (see and be seen) mentality of many of today's pricy members-only "healthclubs" Sky Sport provides an atmosphere of exclusivity without the accompanying attitude or price. Intentionally member-free, everyone is invited to take advantage of Sky Sport's luxury sports facilities, for a nominal drop-in fee.

Proving it truly is the reigning fitness visionary, Sky Sport has taken the unprecedented step of accepting health insurance nfor people with medico-fitness needs. No one who wants or medically needs to work out gets turned away.For those who prefer to work out under the tutelage of a fitness trainer, Sky Sport offers an impressive roster of the country's top personal instructors. Each trainer is handpicked by Jackie Warner and specializes in a variety of body conditioning methods depending upon the particular client's need.

Sky Sport is the world's first gym that does everything but actually work out for the client. What's next for this revolutionary fitness facility? Stay tuned.

Above feature written by: Nicole Wool (Publicist to Torri Shack, CPT)


What's next? JAM sessions! Yep, I've joined forces with Skysport to provide you with this amazing opportunity! When I heard that they accepted Health Insurance I knew Jackie was just the person to get us all back on our feet! Trainers cost what they're worth, and in these trying times its expensive to hire a trainer of this teams caliber...until now! Its as easy as calling to see if your insurance is accepted and setting up your first session. From what I've seen, most sessions cost $10-$15 (co-pay) per visit.

America is shaping up! So should you! Let it be known that you are excited and optimistic to see this year be one full of positive changes. Take charge of your health and advantage of your possibilities, you deserve it!

So its official! Call Sky Sport's front desk to set an appointment today! Everyone who signs up with me this month gets a free personalized diet plan by yours truly ;) It's a good idea to jump start your efforts by filling out the Food Psychology Questionnaire before you come in. To request this form simply email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy! Be fit! Be strong! Be beautiful!



Jamie Alexandra Murphy is a certified fitness coach through the American College of Sports Medicine and freelance columnist for westhollywoodcentral.com

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