Nothing seems quite right about this comedy, from the title’s untopical film reference to its desperate attempt to find a theme, or even a story. Written by Rick Sparks and Alice Vaughn, it’s about John Jr. (Craig Anton) and Jennifer (Tamara Zook), a Florida couple who, after a year’s chaste courtship, approach their wedding day — only to have Jennifer get cold feet and vanish. When she sheepishly turns up again, she’s arrested under an obscure law that makes it a capital offense for a bride-to-be to flee the altar. As Jennifer awaits her execution, right-to-death yahoos clash with hyperfeminists. There are also sendups of familiar media personalities who try to exploit Jennifer’s situation for themselves — Vaughn plays a certain cable-TV-network crime maven named Nancy Face, while Steve Hasley does a turn as victims’-rights lawyer Gloria Aldread. Perhaps the fact that Aldread’s wig is all wrong for the real-life Gloria Allred is a reliable barometer of how off this production is. (That, and the needless intrusion of Sparks and Gary Bucciarelli’s video segments.) The plot’s underlying assumptions are so over-the-top that the story scores no points for either political satire or simple laughter. I’d like to blame all this on global warming, since Sparks, who also directs, has a brilliant track record as a scenarist and choreographer of camp and pop subversion. Theater Mambo at the UNDERGROUND THEATER, 1312 Wilton Pl., Hlywd.; Fri.-Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 4 p.m.; thru Oct. 21. (323) 960-5773. (Steven Mikulan)

Sat, Oct 20 8:00 pm
Sun, Oct 14 4:00 pm
Sun, Oct 21 4:00 pm

1312 N. Wilton Pl., Hollywood, CA

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