Weddington Golf & Tennis

Postcode: 91604
City: Studio City
Open Daily 7am - 11pm

The Weddington family has owned this 17-acre piece of prime real estate for over 100 years.  Originally it was a sheep farm, then in 1955, Hollywood actor, Joe Kirkwood Jr. and three other partners signed a 50-year lease for the property to build and operate a nine hole 3-par golf course and a 50 stall driving range. 

In 1958 two Los Angeles businessmen bought the lease and operated the facility until the lease ran out in 2005.


Come & Enjoy

Since then the Weddington family has taken over the day-to-day operation of the facility. In the early seventies, the driving range was reduced to 24 stalls and the fifth hole of the golf course was shortened to allow for the building of 20 Championship Tennis courts. In 2006 the City of Los Angeles bought an acre of the property (removing 4 of the tennis courts) for the site of the new Studio City Fire station.

Since its beginnings this popular recreational facility has been the haunt of many Hollywood stars and celebrities.

Located Just minutes from West Hollywood over Laurel Canyon

4141 Whitsett Ave
Studio City
Tel: 323 877.3777
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