DNA clothing company

Postcode: 90046
City: Hollywood

Dna Clothing Co. is a mecca for the serious fashion shopper that wants the hippest, most current styles for men and women at a fabulous price.

Dna Provides a fun, exciting shopping environment. Many stylists and costumers have used DNA as a resource for their projects from sitcoms to feature films. You can see the lines we carry on shows from Felicity to Desperate House Wives.

We carry branded goods- BUT: We cannot mention the labels we sell due to agreements with our suppliers who don't want to hurt their regular price business. But know that everything you buy here ( except our own specially made private label wear) hangs in either a Neiman Marcus,a Barneys, or a trendy boutique on a street near you. Our stock changes all the time so as we always say.

Two Locations To Serve You

"Check back soon new things arrive weekly." We specialize in customer service. Time is the one thing money can't buy so we do our very best to assist you in finding something you will love. If you want to be left alone to browse of course be out guest! We want to make you feel special as the valued customer you are or may become.

7519 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Store Hours:
Monday to Friday 12pm to 9pm
Saturday 11am to 9pm
Sunday 11am to 7pm

Phone: 323.882.8464

Email: info@dnaclothing.com 

411 Rose Ave
Venice CA 90291
Store Hours:
Monday to Friday 11am to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 8pm
Sunday 11am to 7pm

Phone: 310.399.0341

Email: info@dnaclothing.com 

Located in: Retail
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