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Postcode: 95816
City: Sacramento
Our Standards

Integrity, Honesty, Creativity, Sincerity and Hard Work!

As of April 2, 2007 a new Advertising and Marketing Firm was launched in Sacramento California.  Kenton Lee, a 25-year veteran of advertising, opened the doors with a teriffically talented group of advertising specialists.

"Today's advertising is extremely competitive.  It takes focus, assertiveness, and making sure all our clients receive a teriffic return on their investment".  Kenton Lee, President

If we're going to be witty or charming or sentimental or warm, we do it as part of the effort to create business for the client.  The creative part isn't an end in itself.  Remember that people don't want good advertising; they want Love, they want Nice Things to Eat and Wear, They want  Security and Comfort.

Creative fads come and go.  The culture changes.  These things are the surface of life.  Human nature remains unchanged since the beginning.  Advertising isn't powerful.  Human needs are the force that reshapes the world and creates business opportunities.

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