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A truly Global Corporation

Our Passion is creating and activating compelling association between brands and entertainment to influence, engage and motivate audiences.

Founded in 1979, NMA Entertainment & Marketing has a rich tradition of creating and activating highly successful and award winning associations between entertainment and brands. NMA has in-depth experience across a broad range of product and service categories. NMA clients include General Motors, Heineken, Dyson, Dunkin’ Donuts, AMC Entertainment, Microsoft & Capital One.   With a global staff of over 90 marketing professionals, NMA services over 100 clients from offices in Los Angeles, New York, Osaka, Sydney and Boston. For more information, please visit, www.normmarshall.com.

NMA Entertainment & Marketing helps its clients partners make the most of their marketing efforts by developing and activating effective platforms for communications. Our collection of inter-related marketing services makes the connection possible: Strategy, Planning, and Marketing Program Development; Product Placement and Product integration; Strategic Alliance and Partnership Marketing; Interactive Media initiatives; and Tactical Management and Analysis.

Just A Few Of Our Clients

Operating from a global network of offices, NMA offers clients full service capability of identifying, obtaining and implementing marketing and promotional campaigns from conceptual beginnings to post analysis. NMA’s award winning services include product placement (brand integration), content aggregation, strategic planning, tactical and creative services, alliance marketing, chance program development, fullment and celebrity relations.

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