Love Amour

Postcode: 90048
City: Los Angeles

You are not a wallflower.   You are Love Amour!

Love Amour is Love

Love Amour is Fashion

Love Amour is innovation at it's finest, Marrying form and function into one!  Love Amour in essence ls a lifestyle-oriented collection, built by loving hearts and hands based on the foundation that one can look fabulous in exclusive, novelty garments and be comfortable at the same time.  Love Amour is inspired by today's woman, one who is passionate with all things in life and juggles a frenzied schedule between family, friends, work and individual aspirations, while being comfortable and looking brilliantly teriffic!


Fashion Collection & Label Collection - Modern women's apparel and accessories LOVE AMOUR

phone 310 289 2561

Located in: Retail
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