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It is our mission to search the world for objects, furniture and textiles which vibrate with the frequency of sacredness, love, and upliftment.

Tara Home is more than a store, it is a community. It is a uniquely personal, yet shared experience - a gathering point for all who seek the blessings and inspiration of a unique surrounding filled with antiquities, hand-crafted works of art, precious textiles and exotic furnishings -- all designed to uplift the soul.

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Many of our friends visit Tara Home several times each week -- to see our latest collections, shop, or experience the mystical energies that radiate from the centuries-old altars and sacred antiquities that are constantly arriving at Tara Home from Tibet, Nepal, China, India and the world's most exotic lands. Others come simply to relax, take tea with us, visit with one another, and leave -- inspired to live each day with even greater consciousness of their own sacredness, and the sacredness of life.

We at Tara Home are dedicated to helping every person recognize and embrace the sacredness of life. To do so, we work closely with every client, helping them find the antiquities, fabrics and furnishings that are exactly right for them -- pieces that will bring warmth and peace into their homes and souls alike, helping them realize their own true perfection.
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