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Wednesday, 13 May 2009 17:00

You are one grocery list and six days away from a sexier you!

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 Six Days To Sexy
My palms begin to sweat and my heart skips a beat as I realize that I only have six days to get in picture-perfect shape!
So, I wipe the cookie crumbs from my mouth, take a full deep breath, and vow to myself that I will accomplish this mission.  This is simple I tell myself, all I need is a fail-proof plan and a lot of self-tanner!


We have all experienced this dilemma, the need to be in tip-top shape yesterday!  You know what I'm talking about; the week until your college boyfriend's wedding, your high school reunion, or the first time you are going to be in a bikini in front of your nnew steady.   Suddenly, all those hours logged in the gym seem a weak defense against all those after-gym jaunts to ‘Yogurt Land‘.  If it's time to kick it into high gear and you are willing to do whatever it takes to inspire turning heads and confidence within yourself then listen up...
  During my very personal, and recent about-face with a sexy-or-die deadline, I decided that I had to call in some re-enforcement, yes, your trainer has a trainer and I don't mean just any trainer, I have the MOTHER of all trainers, literally!  My mother, who has so fondly been nicknamed the "Sarge", is the sole creator of the Balanced Training Boot Camp Experience, an outdoor physical conditioning program that has changed the desert cities of the Coachella Valley one booty at a time.  During the past 4 years she has motivated and inspired hundreds of bodies into tip-"top secret" shape and continues to do so today.  When I said, " Mom, I need to be sexy in six days, what do I do?, She quickly reached into her arsenal of secret strategies and pulled out a winning plan to help me accomplish my goal of getting sexy in six days!

  She presented me with a revolutionary way to view your body and the fuel you put in it;  a diet based on the principles of thermogenics.  While all food is considered "thermogenic", there are some foods that enhance your metabolism more than others.  Thermogenic foods enhance the process of fat and calorie burning. This is the secret shape-up plan of the century!

Sweat Twice A day
Complete ‘2-a-days'.Meaning, do cardio twice a day. (It's 6 days, find the time. If you have 30 30 minutes, but be honest with yourself and make no excuses!)  Jump on your cardio machine of choice in the morning and in the evening. Yeah, it's grueling but it's worth the  compliments you&# 39;ll get when you're finished with the plan.  Envision yourself sneaking up on the stored fat in your body every time you get your cardio session in, this mental focus will keep you inspired to the finish!

Lift Lightly
Train with light to moderate weight to create lean and sexy muscles. This type of resistance training will NOT bulk you up but instead will carve out long, lean lines of gorgeous fat-burning muscle. Muscle is your 'fat-burning machinery' and it is powerful stuff, it burns 3 times as many calories as fat. Did you hear what I said?  I said, muscle burns 3 times as many calories per pound as fat, so, what are you waiting for, get that body pumping!  I was very sore at first, but, after about 2 days my body glided through each workout.

Some Like It Hot
Eat thermogenic foods and spices. These foods are natural fat burners and will assist your body in burning those unwanted calories. Here are some suggestions to implement right away.  Sprinkle cinnamon on your cottage cheese, cayenne pepper on your chicken breast, and squeeze lemon in your water and drink Green Tea instead of coffee.

Eat, It Does a Body Good!
My mother was very clear about one important component of this plan; eat.  She said eating every 2-3 hours will keep my body satisfied and my metabolism humming.  It is natural to think about not eating and starving yourself when you want to drop weight fast but your body will not respond in kind to this starvation method.  If you don't eat you're body will think you are starving yourself, go into famine mode and actually save your fat and burn your muscle.  This will not get you sexy in six days so eat!  
Six Days to Sexy Grocery List
Cayenne/chili pepper
Cider vinegar
Green tea
Chicken/turkey breast
Egg whites
Salmon steaks (preferably wild)
Sweet potatoes
Brown rice
Low-fat Greek yogurt
Whey-protein supplement powder (for making shakes)

I did not count calories on this plan - I merely followed the list!  Note:  since fruit is naturally high in sugar I limited my intake to one piece or 1/2 cup of fruit per day.

Get Some Shut-Eye
Quality sleep is essential for weight loss as is muscle recovery time.  These two things are just as important as a clean diet and exercise.  Everything must go hand in hand for this plan to work! I slept 7 -8 hours a night while following this plan and it wasn't hard!

Salt Is Satan
Absolutely avoid salt at all costs! How bad do you want it? Sodium is salt so you want to avoid foods high in sodium and don't use any table salt.  Sodium has the power to destroy all your hard work and make reaching that emergency goal near impossible! Salt will make you retain water which will make you look bloated and flat.  If you are bloated and flat your sexy muscles will be in hiding.  If there is one thing you should avoid it is luncheon/deli meat.  This stuff is packed full of salt and it is a no-no on this plan.

Other Demon's to Avoid
Even though you are following the grocery list above, there are other strategic factors to consider that will enhance your ability to get sexy in six days!  Just remember, it's only a few days and yes, it is a little extreme so it isn't a plan that you want to practice long term.  This is a short term goal and let's be realistic, we all enjoy a lot of the no-no's on the following list but when sexy is six days away, sacrifices have to be made!
Avoid alcohol, white breads and flours, processed foods, sugar, protein bars, and full-fat dairy. You might as well just put cheese in
The ‘Evil' category with salt with the exception of low-fat cottage cheese, this is considered a protein and not a fat from Sarge's dietary prospective.
The Good Fellows
Go crazy eating "Negative Calorie Foods". These are foods that your burn more calories digesting them then is actually in them.  The most popular of these foods is celery and while most of these foods are already
on your grocery list also eat up cauliflower, turnips, mangos, and green
  So there you have it! Follow this plan and the next time I see you I'll be asking you for tips as your showing me pictures on your FACEBOOK of you in nothing but your L.B.D. and a 10,000 kilowatt smile!
Following the plan? Please write back describing your personal 'Six Days to Sexy along with a description of the event in which you attended as a slimmer you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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