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face it, change it!

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Hello Ladies!

I was just reading an article that said;


'one in five women will gain over 5 pounds this holiday season'!!!!!!!


...training starts tomorrow (10/25) @ 12noon in BH. (reply for details, your 1st class is FREE. love you. mean it.)


I got out all of my own training files to see if this statement were correct by my books as well. They were. The first file I got out was my own. (yes, I've been keeping record of my own shape since late adolescence)!


Every year, since 1999. I've gained 3-6 lbs! (not pounds of muscle!!) gross.


After this discovery, I called one of my trainer friends. Lets just say the statement above seems sugar coated. I went through all his files with him nfrom the past five holiday seasons to compare pounds of fat- before and after the season. What did we find? gross.


Given, these files were not of individuals I train...I still find this unacceptable!


"I will not gain 5 lbs this season and I will not be a statistic!"


...if you'd like to join me and a few girlfriends prepare for the cookies and couch time that's just around the corner, you're more than welcome! I will be instructing 60 minutes of cReAtIvE exercise and high cal burn material that I'm perfecting for ‘09!

PEACE! xoxo

J A M ;)

3102705037 c (txt or email best opt tho!)

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